Arranging for adaptations in the home can often feel overwhelming, particularly if the need for them arrives suddenly; it is difficult to know where to begin, what is available and who to talk to for the help and advice you need. Here is some useful advice to help guide you through the process:

Establishing an Adapted Bathroom Budget

Probably the best place to start for everyone looking to renovate and adapt their bathroom is firstly establishing their budget. This will be different for every property and the unique needs of those living there, but is always a good idea to think about before anything else.
Obtaining funding to help towards a more accessible bathroom might be an additional option to consider, to learn more about the range of funding available and where you can find the best information from councils and organisations in and around Herefordshire click here.

A registered Occupational Therapist may also be necessary; they will be able to help inform you which adaptations might be suitable for your needs during the early stages to help inform your budget.

Knowing what Bathroom Adaptations are available

Your adapted bathroom doesn’t have to look or feel institutional or cold. If this is a concern for you, get in touch with us to learn about how we can help you achieve the right aesthetic for your home and tastes.
Adapting your bathroom is a worthwhile investment whether your needs are current or you have an eye on the future so learning about what is available can help you get things right. An Occupational Therapist will offer help and advice about the practical modifications needed but for aesthetics, it is best to consult a specialist with experience and a good reputation in their field.

Here are some of the most sought after bathroom modifications:

  • Walk-in showers, screens & wet rooms
  • Tiling and non slip flooring
  • Grab rails, raised toilets and ergonomic seats and taps
  • Shower chairs
  • Modified doorways
  • Extractor fans
  • Lowered light switches

Useful things to be aware of…

Working with a reputable company can give you real peace of mind when making bathroom modifications. You might need to rely on a range of different tradespeople working in harmony together. If they are all from the same (trade standards approved) company then it can save stress and work on your part in organising the logistics.
Additionally, a reputable local company with trusted suppliers will usually be able to offer you a wider range of choice for your materials, fixtures and fittings, they should also be happy to help you choose what is right for you as well as offering help and advice on the practical considerations of your project.

Adapted Bathrooms that Safeguard your future independence

Another important point to consider, especially if you are looking towards the future, is making modifications now for a little later in life when you might need them. This can often be the case when people opt for shower rooms or wet rooms as conventional baths become more impractical to use as we get older.

For help and impartial advice on bathroom modifications please get in touch with us today, either via our website or by calling 01432 272 188.