Mrs G in Hereford was awarded a grant to refurbish a dated wet room for her son. Originally the wet room had been built to accommodate her son’s needs 15 years ago. In recent years the space and access had become impractical for their current needs. GB were instructed to revamp the wet room and improve the access from the bedroom.

“I love that bathroom… it looks like a showroom bathroom…”


Why did you choose GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd to complete the work?

GB were asked to attend the property by the Home Improvement Agency Surveyor. Jason came round and met the surveyor here to talk through the plans. The communication was great.


Did the service meet your expectations?

It’s been brilliant. The council took a while to put everything in place but when they did boy, didn’t things move. GB was so fast and efficient – it all happened so quickly. Mark, our builder was brilliant.


How has it impacted your daily life?

I love that bathroom, it looks like a showroom bathroom. It has made life a lot easier. My son has got his independence back; he can now shower and toilet independently. He enjoys the new shower so much, I can’t get him out of it! There is a lot more space and all of the units are adult size. He would struggle to even brush his teeth in the old bathroom. It is so much easier to maintain and keep clean too. The old floor would get rubber marks from his wheelchair but the new one is a lot easier to keep clean. Everyone that comes round is really impressed by it.


What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

The aftercare has been brilliant. GB made sure that even all the little bits and bobs were done to make it perfect. They rang afterwards to make sure I was happy with it.


Tips and advice to anyone else looking to have an adaptation

I would highly recommend that if you are having a bathroom adaptation that you call GB. They are thorough, friendly and good at communication. It has made a big difference to us and the entire process has been really, really brilliant.



If you are considering bathroom adaptations or other modifications to your home, get in touch with our friendly, professional team or call us on 01432 272188.