Enjoying our gardens is a much-loved pastime for many. They can be places of quiet sanctuary, places where our children can play and explore safely or places to enjoy nature, to grow wild flowers and even fruit or vegetables.

It can be cruelly ironic then, that as many of us grow older and have more spare time to enjoy our gardens, there also comes the point where they can prove difficult. As our health and mobility change and the tasks we took for granted sometimes become harder.

Many people consider downsizing, to a terrace or patio while some simply have no choice but to do their best with gardens that become overgrown and inaccessible.

At GB Electrical & Building services, one of the most fulfilling services we provide is the complete all in one solution for clients who find themselves in this position. Helping to put the bespoke garden adaptations in place that will mean our clients can continue enjoying their outdoor spaces on their terms.


Here are just a few of the things we can do to help:


Garden Paths

Sometimes paths need to be widened and should always be flat and level. Ideally a garden path should be wide enough for two people to use side by side, if one of those users has a wheelchair then perhaps even wider.

Paths should also have a safe base; that means compacted and pounded and laid properly, either with brick, tarmac or even gravel for a cost effective solution.


Rails and ramps

We supply and install a wide variety of DDA compliant handrails that are perfect for use in the garden. These are a strong and secure way to make certain that anyone needing support whilst walking around their garden can safely access the parts they might not otherwise be able to.

Our handrails are designed to be used outdoors and won’t rust over time. Handrails and grab rails can be fitted in a completely bespoke way, to suit any of our client’s needs.

Ramps are an ideal way to remove the common problem of steps between the house and the garden. Getting the right ramp and having it installed professionally is very important as many powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters can weigh a substantial amount.


Other aspects of an accessible garden

Often gardens are sloping and difficult or dangerous to navigate, we can convert sloping gardens into far safer, more secure and accessible areas for wheelchair users or convert existing steep steps into shallow steps to make it easier and safer to negotiate gardens with steep gradients.

We can also create enclosed play areas with timber fencing that allow children and young people with disabilities to play and spend time outdoors safely, including rubber playground tiling and suitable drainage systems


If you would like further help and advice on accessible homes and gardens, GB Electrical & Building Services ltd are always happy to help, get in touch today.