At GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd, we regularly work with customers seeking an all in one solution for garage conversions in Herefordshire and beyond, listening to their plans and the innovative ideas they share, proves to us just how versatile garage conversions can be. 

When it comes to garage conversions, the only real limit is imagination. To prove that, here are just some of the real world examples of garage conversions that can transform an underused or neglected space into something else entirely. 

A space to work from home

A dedicated home office suits many people’s modern day need to work remotely and helps to keep work and home life separate. 

The plus points:

  • A relatively easy conversion requiring minimal insulation, just mains electricity 
  • The ability to design your office around your own unique style and work needs 
  • Lower amounts of red tape around building regulations and planning

Our advice:

  • Consider aspects such as Velux windows or suitable levels of artificial light if there is a lack of natural light 
  • Ensure you are familiar with the planning requirements around “change of use” as this may need to be addressed if your property becomes a company 
  • Insulation might be needed if the garage shares a wall with neighbours who use their garage for vehicles, DIY or garden maintenance 


The much needed utility room

Utility rooms can offer a practical solution, particularly for those with smaller kitchen areas. 

  • You can free up space within your main home/kitchen area 
  • Lower noise levels thanks to washers and dryers moving away from living areas 
  • Utility rooms can add valuable storage space

Our advice:

Whereas many utility rooms can require little in the way of electrical services, consult a professional plumber regarding additional services for appliances such as washers, dryers and dishwashers. 


Your own home gym

Cost-effective and convenient, garage gyms make use of a space that is already well suited to exercise thanks to their low service requirements and excellent thermal and acoustic properties. 

  • One of the easiest conversions to undertake 
  • They have the potential to free up a lot of space in other rooms where fitness equipment might be in the way 
  • Without expensive gym memberships, many garage gyms will quite literally pay for themselves

Our advice:

  • Plan your layout carefully based on your fitness goals, the equipment you need and the size of your garage 
  • The structural aspects of your garage will also need careful thought if you plan to install equipment such as pull up bars, free weight areas or load bearing wall brackets 


Extra bedroom space

If the garage is connected to the main house, an extra bedroom can be an excellent and often popular idea. They are ideally suited to those looking for a downstairs bedroom, those with growing families or those who need an adapted living space. 

  • A good way to adapt to changing circumstances or growing families 
  • A powerful way to invest in and increase the price of your property

Our advice:

Remember that a change of use planning application and building regulations approval will almost certainly be required for this type of garage conversion. Habitable room requirements can also mean high setup costs. 

Ventilation, changes in height and natural light sources should also be adequately planned for. 


An extension to your home

If the garage is connected to the main living space, many people choose to utilise it to expand an additional room or create a more open plan layout for the entire ground floor of a home. 

  • Another excellent option to increase the value of your property 
  • There are few better ways to make a property potentially viable for you and your family

Our advice:

Projects of this nature can require planning and considerable work to meet the right standard.  

Like garage bedroom conversions, acoustic, thermal and servicing needs all require careful planning as well as potential height differences to both floors and ceilings. Planning applications will almost certainly be required. 


A dedicated play area

Every family would love a safe, separate space for their children to play and garage conversions can be useful for older children too, combined with a games room or chill out area. 

  • The ability to create a safe, secure play area for younger children and their friends 
  • If the garage is detached, noise is far less of an issue than it might be in the main house 
  • Natural light levels are not as important as other types of conversion as children are less fussy

Our advice:

Insulation might be necessary which can impact costs and a change of use planning application may be required. 

Careful thought needs to be given to ensuring you can see your children and their friends, which can sometimes be hard in a garage space. Think about installing windows and doors in the best possible places, allowing you to keep a constant check on them. 


Games rooms

Games room conversions can be ideal for socialising, indulging and entertaining friends, especially in the cooler months outside of summer. For some it might just mean comfortable seating, stylish decor and perhaps a snooker table or bar area, for others it might mean a home cinema and musical equipment. 

Whatever you want, a games room conversion can make sure you get it. 

  • Acoustic separation can be a real benefit if your garage isn’t attached to the main property 
  • Can be perfect for entertaining, especially if it connects to the garden area 
  • Low requirements for servicing but electrical outlets are important

Our advice:

Think carefully about the space available, especially if considering a full sized snooker or pool table along with ample seating. Lighting and connectivity to other spaces can also be an important factor in a well designed games room 

If you are planning a garage conversion, GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd would love to help, get in touch today for help and advice.