With so many people looking towards maximising their existing living spaces and adding genuine value to their homes, there has never been a better time to look at the many benefits of garage conversions.

Here are some of the most popular questions we are asked by our customers:

Does a garage conversion affect my council tax?

No, your existing council tax band stays the same if you convert your garage. The council tax banding assessment takes factors such as size, character, layout, location and value (on 1st April 1991 in England and 1st April 2003 in Wales) into account.

A converted garage doesn’t affect the size of the house, so doesn’t incur a rise in council tax.

Will a garage conversion add value to my property?

Almost always! A professionally planned and executed conversion, by trusted trade professionals such as GB Electrical & Building Services can add as much as 10% to a home’s existing value.

This represents a significant return on the initial investment should the property be placed on the market at a later date.

Do I need planning permission to convert my garage into a room?

With all the planned work being undertaken internally, there is generally no requirement for planning permission. 

However if the property is a listed building, situated in a conservation area or if the garage is separate from the house itself then planning permission may be required. If you are in any doubt, we recommend getting touch with us.

What are the stages involved, where do I begin?

The most important part of a garage conversion is working with professionals you trust. If they have the range of trades and experience to undertake every aspect of your project, then whatever you intend to use your converted garage for, you can rest assured that every single aspect is covered.

At GB Electrical & Building Services, we are experienced and trusted to undertake every aspect of the garage conversion process, from planning to the day it is ready to use, whatever that use might be. If you would like any help or advice on converting your garage get in touch with our team on 01432 272 188.