There are few disability living aids that can have as much impact as the grab rails.
Slips, trips and falls top the list of concerns reported by older people when it comes to accidents in the home. During the winter months, with wet flooring, darker daylight hours, fallen leaves and icy weather and more time generally spent at home, those risks can be even greater.


Smaller adaptations that makes a big difference

Grab rails can help to minimise it, they can easily be fitted exactly where they are needed the most and tailored to individual needs perfectly, allowing greater independence, confidence and safety. Many heavy duty grab rails are modular in design; that means they can be fitted in difficult areas and even angled to offer a bespoke adaptation.
It doesn’t matter how tall a person is and there are special colour coded designs for those who might be visually impaired. Many also feature a hard wearing plastic coating to provide a warm, ergonomic grip for those with poor motor skills or those who suffer muscle problems and limited dexterity.


Adaptations fitted where you need them most

Grab rails can be one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to help safer and more independent movement around the home. Inside they can be used in places such as bathrooms, wet rooms and bedrooms. Grab rails and many fold-up rails used in bathrooms and wet rooms tend to have a more fluted grip for safer use where condensation and wet hands could otherwise cause problems.

Many people also choose to install them around stairs, where handrails fitted around newels can provide extra grip when using stairs. Many types of rail we install come in a variety of styles and finishes too, to match the style and decor of the home and to complement its existing fixtures.

Outside the home, grab rails (also referred to as: Part M Building Regulations compliant handrails) can be used to provide reliable and safe, level access wheelchair entry when installed along with other home adaptations such as non-slip concrete platforms and ramps as shown in the video here on our YouTube channel.

The real strength of grab rails, hand rails and fold-up rails is their sheer versatility. Every home and every individual has their own bespoke adaptation needs and each can be catered for safely. The rails can be tailored to any format to suit the user. They are nearly always fitted with the minimum of disruption, making a big difference to the lives of those who depend upon them.

If you would like to learn more about grab rails, fold-up rails and handrails, or for help and advice on where in your home would be best to install them, get in touch with our friendly, professional team and we’ll do our best to help. If you have an urgent enquiry, call us on 01432 272 188.