If the time has come to install a new driveway, you might be looking at your options and found that tarmac or block paving are the best out there. The reality is that a great looking driveway can transform your property and that is why it is important that you make the right choice. In this article, we are going to look at tarmac and block paving driveways to help you decide what is right for you.


Benefits of Block Paving

  • It Looks Great – Block paving will give your home a classy look because there are a range of options available to suit your home.
  • Add Value – It can help to enhance the look of your property and give it more kerb appeal which can mean that it adds value.
  • Durable –  Block paving is designed to offer durability which means that it is hardwearing and built to last
  • Easy to Maintain – If any damage is caused to your driveway then it is possible to replace individual blocks.


Cons of Block Paving

  • More Expensive – It can prove costly to install block paving when compared with tarmac.
  • Takes Time to Install – It can take time to install block paving as groundwork has to be done which is why it is important to use trusted local builders
  • More Maintenance – It is easy for weeds and moss to grow on blocks and in between them, meaning that they require more maintenance.


Benefits of Tarmac

  • Quick Installation – Tarmac can take a day or two to install although groundwork might also be required for this too.
  • Cost-effective – As tarmac uses less materials and is quicker to install, it is more cost-effective than block paving.
  • Quick Transformation – If you want to alter the look of a property then fresh tarmac will do that instantly.

Cons of Tarmac

  • Can Dent – If something heavy parks on tarmac then it can leave dents. This can include the likes of skip hire lorries.
  • Can Lose Colour – Over time, tarmac can lose its fresh look as the colour can lighten.
  • No features – Tarmac might be practical but it doesn’t add any kind of feature to a property.

Things to Consider When Deciding Between Paving & Tarmac

Whether you choose tarmac or block paving is down to your preferences but there are many differences between the two. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution that gives you a simple-looking driveway then tarmac is the right option. However, if you have a bigger budget and want to add value and style then block paving is the right option.

However, tarmac driveways and block driveways both offer exceptional benefits, which is why it makes sense to consider both options.


How GB Electrical and Building Services Can Help

We have a team of experts when it comes to installing driveways and as local builders, we understand the importance of providing a complete service. With our expertise and knowledge, we have the ability to install tarmac and block paving driveways to the highest of standards, helping to give your property a smart finish and appearance.

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