Once again the colder weather has arrived and our trusted local trade teams are doing the rounds to make sure homes and properties are well maintained and their gardens & outdoor areas are safe and ready for the winter months ahead.

Outdoors, car parks, driveways and even garden footpaths can very quickly turn into areas where slips and trips can occur thanks to a combination of fallen leaves, rain, snow, ice and frost. Autumn and winter is also the time when winds and storms can be at their worst, making it especially important to rectify any long standing problems with sheds, roofs fencing and old garden walls.

It is also important to remember that anyone with a physical impairment may have noticeably poorer balance or grip when trying to enjoy their garden in the winter, making paths and driveways difficult to navigate.

Here are some of tasks we regularly undertake for our clients both in their homes and work premises:

  • Resurfacing pathways, to make them safer, wider and more accessible for elderly or wheelchair users
  • We can install keyclamp part M building regulation compliant metal safety handrails
  • Install level concrete platform to front door with threshold drain.
  • Add new pathways and cutting back overgrown vegetation and plants
  • Moss and algae removal from roof areas
  • Roof repairs of any size and scale
  • We can fit and maintain outdoor lighting to make it easier and safer to be outdoors in the darker winter months
  • We can install and repair fencing of any type and scale, as well as garden gates
  • We can repair and create retaining walls and make other brick structures look better and last longer

Areas that we take for granted in spring and summer can become real risks in the winter, making now the perfect time to think about making changes.

If you’re thinking about getting your property ready for winter and seeking help and advice on where to start and easy things to miss, why not get in touch with us and our trusted local trade teams? At GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd, that is exactly what we offer, a trusted service for every winter job you might need no matter how big. Call us on 01432 272188 or contact us via email to discuss your needs.