For many of us, a roof is a part of our home that we take for granted. In many instances, they last year after year without giving us cause for concern but there will come a time when you will need to have work carried out on your roof. This is down to the fact that exposure to the elements will eventually take its toll but how does bad weather impact your roof?

Let’s take a look and help you to keep an eye out for those tell-tale signs of a problem caused by bad weather.


The Sun and UV Rays

For many of us in the UK, the sun is something that we don’t see enough of and when we do see it, we wouldn’t class it as bad weather. While this is true in some instances, it does have a negative impact on your roof, especially after years of exposure to UV Rays. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause your roof to dry out and this can cause parts of it to shrink while wooden structures can weaken. In addition to this, it could cause cracks that can then lead to problems when we experience heavy rain.


Thermal Shock

We can experience a range of temperatures in one day in the UK and during the day, they can increase significantly before dropping dramatically during the evening. This change causes expansion and contraction, which places stress on the membrane which will eventually impact the structural integrity of your roof.


Moss Growth

You might not realise but warm temperatures and excess moisture create the perfect environment for the growth of moss. This is where a problem can arise for your roof as moss can begin growing there. While it might seem harmless, the moss will hold moisture and over time, this can become trapped within the structure of your roof causing problems such as damp and weakness in the structure.


Heavy Rain

We experience a lot of heavy rain throughout the whole of the year in the UK but if your roof is not watertight then you are going to experience water ingress, which effectively means that water is getting into your property. From damaged flashing around chimney stacks to loose tiles and cracks, water will find a way in and can cause huge problems within your home.


High Winds

Once again, we also get our fair share of high wind in the UK and this can cause real problems for your roof. It can damage or break shingles and cause roof tiles to loosen or come away from the roof. This will expose your roof and your home to rain while high winds further down the line could cause further damage.


In the UK, it is not just bad weather that causes problems for roofs because extreme weather is also something that has to be considered. However, if you are experiencing problems or think you might have an issue then GB Electrical and Building Services are able to identify the problem and rectify it as soon as possible, ensuring your home remains protected.

GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd is here to help, serving homes and businesses in Herefordshire with roof repairs no matter how big. Get in touch today, we will help in any way we can.