With the colder winter months almost upon us, now is the best possible time to make sure your home is safe, dependable and above all; comfortable.

At GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd, autumn is the time of year when our trade teams are at their busiest serving the people of Herefordshire and beyond to help them make sure their homes are all of those things.

The reason for that is really important; we are a company with the size and scope to quite literally do it all.

How our Herefordshire tradesmen can help

The idea of a faulty or poorly maintained boiler is enough to concern anyone, in the winter it can cause significant problems.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers can replace, service and maintain every type of boiler to make sure it’s a problem you don’t have to deal with in an emergency. We can also bleed radiators, update old pipe work, fit lagging and tackle leaks.

With energy prices at an all-time high, making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible has never made more sense. Many homes are still without insulation, or may not have enough. This is a quick fix for many homes that can have a real impact on their energy efficiency and save more money than ever on heating.

Doors and windows of course, are another area where warmth is lost in a home, so making sure they are in good repair is vital, the same goes for roofing, where loose or missing tiles cause obvious problems with water ingress and draughts.

Outside is just as important as inside

Fallen leaves are the enemy of many Herefordshire homeowners at this time of year. They can clog drains, block gutters and cause real slip hazards on our garden paths and driveways.

These are problems that are easily solved, but not everyone has the means to clear out blocked gutters and of course for the elderly, clearing fallen leaves from around the property can be difficult. If it isn’t done however, those areas can quickly become unsafe.

Similar to our gas engineering and plumbing teams, our gardening teams will be busy helping local residents to make sure their properties are just as well maintained outside as they are inside.

If you’re thinking about getting ready for winter and possibly wondering where to start. The most important thing, when you are preparing your home for the winter, is working with trusted local tradespeople. At GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd, that is exactly what we offer, for every job you might need.

Call our team on 01432 272188 or contact us via email to discuss your needs.