With the arrival of spring and the summer months soon to follow, many homeowners are starting to think about fence maintenance, repair and installation. This is particularly the case at the moment with uncertainty surrounding travel options for summer holidays. There is a greater reliance on our gardens to be a safe place in which to relax and share family time.
Fencing in a garden is a more cost-effective solution than brick walls and can look a lot more appealing. Over time though, it can be prone to leaning, rotting and other damage caused by the autumn and winter elements.

Choosing the right fencing

Fencing can do much more on a property than simply look appealing. The right choice of fencing can create a safe, secure and enclosed barrier for children and pets to enjoy the garden safely. A higher fence can offer greater levels of privacy for the garden and, if you would like climbing plants to create a more natural look, trellis attachments can facilitate it.
Garden partitions can also be created, to break your garden space up into convenient ‘zones’ and the timber used can be treated and stained to match your unique colour requirements.

Careful thought should be given to the height of fencing you might require as higher fencing offers a greater level of privacy. If security is a concern, particularly for small children and pets, an overlap style fence might be more suitable than a slat or picket style fence.

Fence posts are also an important part of planning your garden fencing. Timber posts are cost-effective and attractive, however they do benefit from regular maintenance. Concrete fence posts are strong and long lasting, they require little in the way of maintenance but tend to be more expensive and time consuming to install.

A range of garden fence styles to chose from

At GB Electrical & Building Services, we provide a range of different styles of FSC sourced timber fencing for gardens. We can also work with existing fencing and posts to undertake repairs and partial replacements that look their best and maintain the style and security of your outdoor space.

  • Solid fence panels offer a robust timber screen for the garden, they have no gaps and ours are crafted with good quality timber and a solid construction.
  • Featherboard fencing is versatile and attractive, with sawn and tapered timber pales fixed to horizontal timber rails. These rails are in turn fixed to fence posts creating a levelled, concave or convex style that is easy to match to gates and looks timeless and appealing.
  • Slatted screen style fencing can create a modern, contemporary feel to a garden space. It also has the benefit of creating a softer light, offering shade and looks attractive with hanging lights if entertaining.

Our groundworking teams have extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of landscaping and ground maintenance. They are qualities that can help you transform your garden into a more secure, more attractive space to enjoy this summer.
Get in touch today for help and advice for your garden and fencing requirements.