To undertake fencing repairs, installation and maintenance on a large scale is a challenge for many smaller companies. The sheer scale of the job and the logistical challenges involved requires experienced teams that are used to working closely with stakeholders. Add to that the need for the right equipment, the best materials and an end product that is secure, long-lasting and excellent in appearance. It is easy to see why large volume fencing needs the right approach and the right contractor.

Fencing solutions for a range of applications

GB Electrical & Building Services has three decade’s worth of experience serving businesses, landlords, councils and services in Herefordshire and beyond. We regularly undertake large-scale fencing installations. One of our current key fencing projects involves the installation of over 1.8km of high quality, secure fencing across an entire housing estate.
Our experience and our trusted reputation enable us to deliver the levels of service our customers need. Our size and trusted local supply chains mean that no job is too large and a high quality end product is guaranteed, whatever the requirements.

Secure fencing

Security can be at the forefront of many sectors when it comes to fencing. Businesses and industrial premises, schools and colleges, parks and private gardens, sheltered housing and the Ministry of Defence all rely on fencing as a key factor in the security of their assets or the vulnerable people using their services.
For all these sectors, the right fencing solution is essential. GB Electrical & Building Services work closely with all our partners, to carefully establish their needs. We can then work to our client’s own design or offer our own advice and experience to develop the best possible outcome.

Fencing for estates and communities

Housing associations, multi-property landlords and town councils might all require large-scale fencing installations and timely, reliable maintenance. Materials and quality workmanship are important to deliver secure, low maintenance fencing that is pleasing to look at, adheres to tight budgets and instills a sense of pride for tenants and the public.

At a time when so many are relying on gardens and public spaces for recreation, the need for well-maintained, large volume fencing has never been greater and GB Electrical & Building Services have the skills, and the workforce to cope with those large scale fencing projects, no matter how big.

If you would like to learn more about our contract and fencing services, including help and specialist advice about planning, materials, installation and maintenance, get in touch with our friendly team today.