The roof of any home or business premises is one of its most important aspects; frustratingly it is also one of the hardest to keep an eye on. Spotting signs of problems with a roof is not easy, meaning that many people simply put it off or assume that everything is okay. There are signs however and it is important to familiarise yourself with them and address any smaller problems before they become much bigger ones.

At GB Electrical & Building Services, our specialist roofing team is on hand at all times to help keep your roof safe and your property dry, but there are a number of simple checks you can make yourself before you give us a call.

Checking things over from the inside

One of the most common signs of a roof in need of repair is of course one of the most stressful; that is water leaking into your home… If you do spot a leak, damp patches or mould on the ceiling or the appearance of streaks on your walls then it is time to act. If safe to do so, access your property’s loft and check the roof from the inside. Just a single broken tile or damaged flashing is often enough to cause a significant leak. Doing this during the daylight hours will also enable you to spot any signs of light coming in from outside as a well maintained roof should not let any light in at all. If you notice any sagging in your roof then immediate action is vital as this might be indicative of a more serious structural problem.

Checking your roof from the outside

Some signs of a damaged roof might not be obvious from an internal inspection and seeing your entire roof from the outside safely is often easier said than done.

Many people ask a neighbour if they could have a quick look at their roof from a more convenient upstairs location next door or from across the road. Some even use binoculars or cameras. Here it is all about gathering as much information as you are able, to pass on to us when you make that initial call.

Checking your guttering

In some cases, guttering that is coming away from the property’s exterior might be a sign that roofing is starting to loosen. If you find small pieces of tile or shingle in the gutter or on the floor close to the property, it may be another early warning sign of problems and should be investigated.

Getting into the habit of checking your roof on a regular basis is part of good housekeeping and should ideally be carried out seasonally both inside and out. Keep a close eye out for the signs mentioned above and if you spot them, it is time to think about getting your roof repaired.

  • Damp patches, mould or streaks on the property’s walls
  • Water leaking into your property
  • Signs of light coming in from the outside or visible signs of sagging
  • Loose guttering
  • Tiles or shingles on the floor or in the gutter (particularly after bad weather)


GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd is here to help, serving homes and businesses in Herefordshire with roof repairs no matter how big. You might also be eligible for funding towards loft insulation to help keep winter heating bills affordable.

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