Through Care & Repair Mrs. J in Powys privately engaged GB Electrical & Building Services to convert her bathroom into a wet room.


“I have my independence back. It was worth every penny!”


Why did you choose GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd to complete the work?

Care & Repair sent several other companies over which I didn’t like. I was impressed with Jason when he arrived. He came prepared with a lot of information and I really liked him as a person, so that’s why I chose GB to do the work.


Did the service meet your expectations?

Very happy with it, I love it all. Mark,the builder, did a very good job. He was a lovely person.

As we didn’t qualify for the grant, I decided to go for the posher options and colour co-ordinate everything to blue. It looks very smart.


How has it impacted your daily life?

It’s really good. The higher toilet seat has made life easier. I don’t have to worry about falling over as much.Before I had to be really careful and could only shower when my husband was home. Now I have my independence back. It was worth every penny!


Tips and advice to anyone else looking to have an adaptation

Go ahead and get it. Definitely get a higher toilet as when you get older standard toilets are just impossible. The drop rails have also made a huge difference to me.


If you were to recommend us, what would you say?

Definitely recommend. I am happy with everything. I would be more than happy for people to come and view my bathroom if it would help them.


If you need any help or advice on having a level access wetroom installed contact our team on 01432 272188.