Official statistics from the NHS tell us how common falls can be as we grow older. Around 1 in every 3 adults over the age of 65 will have at least one fall each year, and that figure rises even more alarmingly as we grow older. That means creating a home environment suited to our mobility needs is important.

The bathroom is of course, one of the main areas where falls can occur and while many people pay immediate attention to things such as wet floors and shower or bath adaptations, our toilets are often overlooked.

Yet using the toilet is one of the main reasons for falls in the bathroom for both men and women. This is understandably a sensitive subject for many people who cope with low toilet seats for longer than they probably should. However, lower toilet seats also means the need to lower themselves down further and then struggle to stand again afterwards.

For anyone with mobility issues or weight-bearing problems, it isn’t difficult to see why low toilet seats are a risk and why they account for so many falls.

A simple solution to this unnecessary risk is a raised height toilet, it makes sitting and rising much easier, it lowers the risk of falls and it can give back independence and dignity, raised height toilets are a simple adaptation with a range of genuine benefits.

Stability and confidence

A raised height toilet will allow easier standing, with less stress on knees, especially when combined with grab rails. This may improve independence and it will certainly help with confidence and personal care.

Raised height toilets are also available in a wide range of styles, to suit your bathroom decor and personal taste.


A raised height toilet is exactly what the name implies; a normal toilet just a little higher. Just like a standard height toilet, it provides a solid, stable base for sitting. The raised height however makes getting up a lot easier and lowers the risk of falls and slips, especially when combined with grab rails.

Relief and peace of mind

Easier standing means less stress on joints, for anyone suffering from arthritis or limited joint movement, this really can make a world of difference. Raised height toilets also change the way we sit to a more upright position, reducing the need to bend our backs and lower body joints, particularly the knees.

Quick and hassle-free fitting

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a raised height toilet is the ease with which they are fitted by our discreet, specialist adaptations team at GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd. They are also much easier to clean too; few home adaptations have the potential to make such a difference for anyone suffering from pain or limited mobility.

If you would like a friendly chat, with help and advice about raised height toilets or other bathroom adaptations, our friendly Hereford team would love to hear from you. You can in touch via our website here, or call us direct on Hereford 01432 272188