There is often a misconception surrounding modern adapted bathrooms, people tend to associate them with clinical facilities or cold and often impersonal bathrooms found in places where function and utility take precedence over things that matter much more in our homes, such as style, colour and individuality.

Here at GB Electrical & Building Services we always go out of our way to dispel these misconceptions, because we know that today, they simply don’t have to be the case. Modern adapted bathrooms can be tailored to the client, not just in terms of the adaptations they want or need, but also personalised to their tastes and the way they want their home to look.

We are proud of our reputation across Herefordshire of delivering exactly that; providing our customers with bathrooms that are much more accessible than before and look exactly the way they want them to look.

Creating an accessible bathroom

There is no ready-made list of things you need to make your bathroom safe and practical to use; it completely depends on you and your needs as an individual.
Walk-in showers and shower rooms are often sought after as they remove the more common issues that many people have with bathing and allow for safer support to be offered if needed. Shower seats can aid independence in conjunction with grab rails placed at the points where you need them. Other living aids such as raised toilets and lever taps can also be very practical solutions.
However, there should never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to bathroom adaptations, for us it is always a case of working closely with our clients to find out exactly what they want, to offer help and advice if needed and to ensure their needs are catered for at every stage of their project, with an end result that looks and feels perfect.

Putting a timescale on bespoke adaptations

It is difficult to put a timescale on any project involving bespoke adaptations until we get a clearer idea of the scope involved. Relatively small modifications such as grab rails, lever taps or replacement toilet seating can all be done in a very short time. Larger scale projects however, such as shower rooms, wet rooms and other modifications can take much longer.
The key advantage we have is the experience and trade standard approved multi-skilled team to undertake every aspect of that project, no matter how big. Everyone from friendly and professional bathroom fitters, gas engineers to fully qualified electricians and building specialists.
Taking on those larger scale home modifications can often be overwhelming, we are happy to offer every service you’ll need to make it an easier experience.

Wide range of bespoke adaptations available

Our thirty years spent serving Herefordshire’s communities have given us the time to build up a trusted supply chain network. For our customer that means two things; firstly it means fair local prices and secondly it means the widest possible choice for the bespoke adaptations you need and exactly how you want them to look; from tiling to shower screens and any other fixtures and fittings.

If you are considering bathroom adaptations or other modifications to your home, get in touch with our friendly, professional team by clicking here or calling us on 01432 272188.