Mr W. in Powys engaged GB Electrical & Building Services via Care & Repair to remove a level access wetroom and reinstate a bath within his mother’s bathroom.


“I was impressed by his attention to detail and the effort he put in to go the extra mile…”


Why did you choose GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd to complete the work?

You were a company that was recommended to us through the Powys Care & Repair contractor list.


Did the service meet your expectations?

More than that. The chap who did the work was outstanding. I noticed the other day he had even done some moulding around the window which we had not asked him to do but he had got on with it. His demeanour was gunning, he just had a nice way about him. Mum felt comfortable with him there which was really important. I was impressed by his attention to detail and the effort he put in to go the extra mile.

The chap who organised the project was really good also. I live at a different location than mum but he was able to coordinate between the two of us so we knew exactly what would be happening and who would be arriving each day.


How has it impacted your daily life?

Mum is 90 years old, she never got on with the shower so having a bath reinstated has made it much easier for her to have a soak to relieve her aches and pains. She is enjoying it tremendously.


If you were to recommend us, what would you say?

I would definitely recommend you. I’m a stickler for detail as you can probably tell so if I am going to give you a recommendation then it’s only because it is very good. I am not the sort of person to just say that lightly. I am more than happy to tell people when they have done wrong but what you have done is very good. I would like to say thank you on behalf of my mother.


If you need any help or advice on having a level access wetroom installed contact our team on 01432 272188.