We spoke to Mrs W. from Abergavenny who was awarded a DFG grant from Monmouthshire Council to convert her bathroom into a complete level access wetroom.


“…I trust you implicitly, not just for the work but as people and in your attitudes…”


Why did you choose GB Home Adaptations to complete the work?

I was awarded some funding through Monmouthshire Council to adapt the bathroom. When they came round they advised that I could either find my own contractor or they could recommend a company from their approved contractor list and manage the project; so I went with that option.


Did the service meet your expectations?

Definitely, very much so. I’ve not experienced having work done through the Council before and I thought that the work would be so-so but it was so much better than that. Adam, my builder couldn’t have been a nicer person to have in the house. I am hoping he will come back and put an ensuite in one of the bedrooms which will make things easier for me as it’s such a long walk to the bathroom at night. Everyone that has come round has admired it, I’m thrilled with it.


How has it impacted your daily life?

It’s certainly made a difference and looking into the future it will make a lot of difference. It’s allowing me to stay in my home for longer and that’s the goal isn’t to try and stay at home as long as you can.


If you were to recommend us, what would you say?

I would definitely recommend. I am very grateful to everyone and am looking forward to you all coming back to sort out the ensuite. I trust you implicitly, not just for the work but as people and in your attitudes. It’s the small things like how you tidied up and cleared things away. It was all left very clean and tidy. It would have been so much effort for me to sort it out if it wasn’t. 


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