Mrs K. from Hereford applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant to adapt her family bathroom into an adapted wetroom to accommodate her needs.

“These people actually listen to what you want and work with you every step of the way…”


Why did you choose GB Home Adaptations to complete the work?

We applied for a government grant and were awarded a DFG. It had been a long process and had in fact taken us 2years to be awarded the grant. We had one company after the other come and look at the work and quote but because it was such a small, awkward bathroom they would not get back to us as they simply didn’t want the job. It was a huge weight off our shoulders when we met Jason from GB as he took on board what we needed, really listened to our needs and where other companies had told us we couldn’t have this or that; Jason was able to rework the bathroom to accommodate all of my needs, nothing was a problem. Within a week, he came back with the drawings and within the month we booked in to have it fitted.


Did the service meet your expectations?

More than, way over. Adam, our builder, was a really lovely guy. The finish is brilliant. It was amazing, Adam worked his socks off, it was really quite impressive. He didn’t disappear like some builders do. When it came to personalising the adaptations to my needs he also really listened and he fitted them into the perfect position. He communicated really and let us know the schedule of work and what would be happening each day. This is a little thing that sums up how lovely he is. Our house alarm went off and because it was the house alarm my husband didn’t rush to sort it. Not knowing it was only the house alarm and not my personal alarm Adam came running to see if I was ok, he was very concerned. There are not many builders who’d have reacted in that way and it just goes to show what a kind person he is.


How has it impacted your daily life?

Every day is a wonder. It’s brilliant, as I’ve not been able to shower for 2 years, so I am in there every day now! I’m having to learn a new routine which is tricky but when I went through a dry run with Adam before the handover he was able to put in some extra grab rails and worked some magic to make sure it was all just how I needed it to be.


If you were to recommend us, what would you say?

These people actually listen to what you want and work with you every step of the way. The final product is superb. They don’t only listen but they actually understand your disability and go to great efforts to make sure the adaptations meet your individual needs.


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