At GB Electrical and Building Services, we believe that size matters. Not because we like to boast about how much we have grown over the years, or how our fleet of vehicles ferry our trusted local tradesmen to large scale projects from St Athens in South Wales, all the way up to High Whickham in Buckinghamshire.

The simple reason why we aspire to be bigger and better is because it enables us to provide our services on a much larger scale, across a much wider area. Government agencies, Housing Associations and multi-property landlords across West Wales, the South West, and South East of England regularly trust us to fulfil their needs for property maintenance services, estate management, building adaptations and a wide range of other things.

We have the skill and in-depth knowledge to meet the standards that our clients demand for the big jobs.

A trusted service, whatever the scope

Back in the beginning, our philosophy was to provide a reliable, friendly service to the people and businesses of Herefordshire, today we might be bigger but every aspect of our work is still geared towards developing lasting relationships with our clients.
We listen, we go the extra mile and we always adopt a ‘right first time’, positive attitude. Those things matter just as much to large organisations as they do to homeowners.

The benefits of growth

For us, the main benefit of being an ‘all in one’ solution is the ability to invest in our services and deliver them in a way that makes us the first choice for every kind of building, electrical, gas, plumbing and landscaping work.
We are both proud and delighted today to offer everything our clients might ever need, from disability adaptations to large scale renovations and every type of project in between.

Our success-driven growth means we are also able to invest much more in our teams, ensuring our apprenticeship program is the first choice for the talent of the future and ensuring our colleagues are fully compliant and accredited in their respective fields.

Adaptability and versatility as a service

We can lay a garden fence, but one of our recent projects involved laying nearly 2km of fencing around an entire estate…
We can undertake a home refurbishment, renewing and replacing every aspect of it, including adaptations. However we are also happy to undertake these refurbishments on a much larger scale, the first phase of just one of our recent projects consists of complete house refurbishment. These are projects of impressive scope, but there are many others too as you can see on our website.

You might not be aware of our ability to undertake large scale, complex projects, but in many ways we are in a unique position to. We have grown steadily over time, based on reputation and the quality of our services. However we have kept the philosophy that made that growth possible.

To learn more about how we can help you and your organisation and get in touch.