GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd is both delighted and proud to announce that our company has been given ISO 14001 accreditation from the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are both increasingly important aspects of all our lives. That should include the way that organisations such as ours operate; with careful consideration given to the environmental impact of our operations.

Last year we revalidated our ISO9001 Quality accreditation, which is the best possible indicator of GB’s strength in planning, leadership, support and serves as testament to our philosophy of constant improvement. Our work to achieve ISO 14001 was a logical next step, and a worthwhile challenge to undertake.


What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international standard which relates to a stringent and specific set of requirements that are all linked to systems of environmental management. ISO 14001 can be gained throughout a range of industries; however, ours presents unique challenges which we are proud to have overcome.


The Requirements for ISO 14001

In gaining the ISO 14001 accreditation, GB has invested a great deal of planning and resources in ensuring that our environmental credentials are as strong as they can possibly be.

That involves formulating and maintaining detailed documentation that proves our Environmental Management System (EMS) meets the required standards.

There are clear requirements in this area, regarding the documentation a company must provide. However, how we record our evidence, which ensures that robust environmental policies and processes are in place and working well are not dictated by the standard. We are proud to have developed those in-house; it demonstrates an awareness of, and a willingness to work towards our environmental objectives throughout our entire organisation.


The benefits for our business, our clients and the wider world

Our ISO 14001 accreditation and our strategic approach to setting new standards in environmental performance helps us, our clients and our partners in a number of ways:

  • We can demonstrate compliance with current (and future) regulatory and statutory environmental requirements
  • Greater engagement and environmental awareness for our teams
  • A strong reputation with unbeatable environmental credentials
  • Stakeholder confidence for sustainability
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs which are then passed on to our clients
  • Leading by example to encourage better environmental performance from our supply chain to our competitors


For our customers and partners, we can deliver the peace of mind they increasingly need that our Environmental Management Systems meet the best possible standards.

Those standards encompass our sites, our various multi-skilled trade departments and all our processes with an environmental policy that lays out our commitment to the wider environment and our legal requirements to prevent pollution, to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and to continually improve the ways in which we seek to deliver our trusted, reliable services while meeting our environmental objectives.

If you would like to learn more about our services, and our work to make them more sustainable and environmentally-aware, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch via our website, or call us in Hereford on 01432272188.