While many of our certifications and accreditations are highly specific to the broad range of services we provide, the one that touches upon every single aspect of our services is ISO 9001. Introduced by the International Standards Organisation, this standard, most recently updated in 2015 to remain relevant to the ways modern businesses operate, relates specifically to the very best levels of quality management across every industry.

ISO 9001 is dependent on a number of important business management guidelines:

  • It looks closely at the context of our organisation
  • It looks at our leadership
  • The ways in which we plan
  • The levels of support we offer
  • The ways in which we operate
  • It looks closely at our performance evaluation
  • It demands a philosophy of continual Improvement

The auditing process for ISO 9001 must be satisfactory for all the above factors, it isn’t a certificate earned only once, the process is constantly repeated and importantly, there is no grading system for ISO 9001. Either a company is found to reach the high standards it needs to and gains ISO 9001 certification or it isn’t, there are no half measures.

GB Electrical & Building’s Service Commitment to Quality

As an integral part of our commitment to maintaining our ISO 9001 compliance, we have developed a structure to ensure quality throughout our services.

We employ auditors to independently verify our workflow and completed projects, their purpose is to support, steer and advise our working teams, to identify any training needs or individual competency issues.

Our independent auditors also deliver training where they feel it is needed. Audits may be pre-planned or unannounced and they cover all areas of our delivery to a client. Weekly reports are submitted detailing activities and outcomes, they also contain an opportunity for members of the team to raise questions around sections relating to them, their input is always strongly encouraged as part of the collaborative process.

A far ranging standard, with important goals

The goal of ISO 9001 is to ensure our customers get reliability for the projects which they entrust to us, and that the services we provide are of the standards they desire. The auditing process adopts a stringent approach and is carried out both by external auditing and specially appointed internal auditors.

That partnership means we are working together, to continuously identify areas to improve our process-driven approach, our risk based thinking and to employ the most effective ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle at every possible level throughout our organisation; from our management and administration teams, to our trusted local tradespeople carrying out their work and delivering projects in the field.

Together, the dedicated individuals who make up our 160-strong team recognise the importance of ISO 9001, as an accreditation that demonstrates strong levels of overall quality, reliability and ethical, forward thinking management.

For our specialist teams in fields such as window and doors, gas fitting, electrical installation and construction, gaining their bespoke accreditation is vital to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in undertaking the tasks our customers need, and for delivering peace of mind to our partners and customers.

For us ISO 9001 represents the next step on the same path; that same philosophy of customer-focused, best practice in every other aspect of our organisation. For us it is a great way to demonstrate how much our organisation, our services and our customers mean to us.

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