Mr B in Powys was awarded a grant to create a ground floor extension to create a bedroom and ensuite wet room. Building work was commenced by a different company early 2020 but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the work was stopped before it was completed. Late summer 2020 GB were approached by Powys Council to complete the outstanding work for the client.

“The bathroom wouldn’t look out of place in a £800,000 house… I couldn’t be more happy…”

Why did you choose GB Electrical & Building Services Ltd to complete the work?

Powys Council have worked with GB on various projects in the area and felt they would be a good fit to finish the work required.


Did the service meet your expectations?

What they have done is excellent, it is just what my wife & I wanted. I like things to be done right. Pete & Adam, the builders who came in and completed the job were generous with their time and how they think. They would talk to you and work with you to find a solution. The previous contractors who originally started the job wouldn’t communicate, it was just a job to them and you just couldn’t talk to them. If I was still in the business I would definitely be purloining Pete & Adam for myself!


How has it impacted your daily life?

My health is breaking down at an alarming rate and my wife’s health was in a terrible state. I get very tired these days and getting up and down stairs is now dangerous. The extension makes my life much easier. I like things to be done right, I don’t like cheap things and what you have done is excellent, it wouldn’t look out of place in a £800,000 house, I couldn’t be more happy.


What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

You’d be hard put to find anyone better to do the job. Anyone could do the job but it is how they work with people that really counts. They make you feel involved, it is not just a job to them, they ask you, help you and value your input.


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