Mr & Mrs C. in Hereford were awarded an Home Improvement Agency grant to have their bathroom adapted into a modernised wet room. To have a shower before they would have to step in and out of the bath and due to the onset of arthritis they could no longer manage this safely. 


“the process was very, very easy. We couldn’t be more happy”.


How did you hear about GB Electrical & Building Services and why did you choose to work with them?

GB were one of the companies that was on the council recommended list of contractors. Jason came round and explained everything and showed us a few catalogues so we knew what to expect. We paid a bit more on top of the grant as we wanted a higher toilet seat and the vanity units to make it look a bit nicer.

Did the service meet your expectations?

The work was good, the process was very very easy. We couldn’t be more happy. The builders, Pete and Adam were great, really pleasant – we’d like to send a special thanks to them.


How have you benefited from it?

Before we only had the bath, I’m 79 and my wife is 72, and we struggled to climb in. We now have a walk-in wet room and it’s very convenient and so much easier. 


If you were to recommend us what would you say?

I would highly recommend you, quality of work is good. We are very, very pleased with it. We’d be happy to let other people who are considering having a wet room done, come and look at it, so they can see the standard of what can be done. 


If you need any help or advice on having a level access wetroom installed contact our team on 01432 272188.