Mrs W. Weobley privately contracted GB Electrical & Building Services to adapt her period cottage utility and downstairs toilet area in a full level access wet room to help maintain her mother’s independence.


“People would come when they said they would – the communication was very clear…”


How did you hear about GB Electrical & Building Services and why did you choose to work with them?

The local people we have used over the years have retired. My sister, who knows Leonie, Jason’s assistant through the riding club recommended your company to us as I didn’t know who to ask. Jason came and did an estimate, he was really thorough and listened to what we had to say. He came back with a very detailed plan. We didn’t approach any other companies as we were confident in what we were getting from GB.

Did the service meet your expectations?

Yes, more than expected. Everyone was very articulate and explained what they were doing. They were happy to answer any of our questions. They were very polite, clean and tidy. People would come when they said they would – the communication was very clear. We discussed every aspect of the project in great detail and they had a good attitude to troubleshooting.

How have you benefited from it?

My mother will be able to independently wash as she can’t access the bathroom upstairs. Also when we have guests there is now somewhere where people can have a quick wash as the bathroom upstairs doesn’t have a shower. As we have widened all of the doorways when my mother needs to move away from a walking frame into a wheelchair she will still be able to use the bathroom independently.

If you were to recommend us what would you say?

GB delivered a comprehensive service. They listen to what people have to say which we felt was very important. Jason was very quick to respond to us and I was impressed by his attention to detail. They kept to schedule and even took all of the rubbish away at the end. Highly recommend anyone to go ahead with getting a wetroom from GB.

If you need any help or advice on having a level access wetroom installed contact our team on 01432 272188.