Disabled Bathroom Home Adaptations

We spoke to Mrs P. from Monmouthshire who was awarded a DFG to convert her bathroom into a complete level access wetroom tailored to her husband’s needs.


“…I feared it would look a bit clinical but it’s actually a lot smarter and modern looking than I anticipated…”


Why did you choose GB Home Adaptations to complete the work?

We came across your company through my husband’s OT. After his assessment it was deemed he would benefit from a wetroom.


Did the service meet your expectations?

We are over the moon with it. The bathroom actually looks a lot better than I originally thought it would. I feared it would look a bit clinical but it’s actually a lot smarter and modern looking than I anticipated. Pete, our builder, is a lovely, lovely man. When he was here it was during that 40 degree heat wave. I was amazed where a lot of companies were shutting down due to the heat he just got on with it. 

My husband was a builder and he really enjoyed having Pete here. Pete was very good and would listen to him share his stories. It was really nice for my husband actually as he remembers the past better than the present and it was lovely for him to have someone on the same wavelength who understood what he was talking about. Pete has an old fashioned, thorough way of working which you don’t seem to get in the younger builders. He was brilliant, we’re really pleased.


How has it impacted your daily life?

It helps enormously! My husband has a degenerative disease which is only going to get worse so we’re grateful for anything that is going to make life easier.


If you were to recommend us, what would you say?

Well, if  you have Pete you can’t go wrong. The electrician was very pleasant too. It was all very efficient.


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