GB Electrical & Building Services are wet room specialists with the experience and trade standard approved team to offer tailored, practical and affordable wet room installations in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.

A large part of the service we provide is working closely with our customers, to establish their needs, their style and to help them take care of every detail no matter how big or how small. That involves a lot of communication, as well as help and advice when it is needed. With those things in mind, here are just a few of the reasons why a wet room might be a good idea for you.

A wet room can future proof your home

If you plan to grow old in a home where you are happy, a wet room can be an ideal way to ensure it stays suitable for your needs.
Many people struggle with daily living as they grow older and mobility becomes more of an issue, this can especially be the case in bathrooms. Wet rooms however are far easier to use independently with safer flooring and fewer trip or slip hazards.

Wet rooms offer greater safety

Without the need for fixtures and fittings and with wall to wall sealed non-slip flooring, your wet room is a space that can be far safer than conventional bathrooms and without the clutter, they can also be a lot easier to use.

Having a wet room can add value to your property

Many people think about the cost of bespoke adaptations such as wet rooms without taking into account the value they instantly add to their property.
They are after all just as desirable for younger families with their sleek design and ease of cleaning, making them a major selling point for every type of home buyer.

Wet rooms provide a long-lasting solution

One of the key features of a wet room fitted by trade standard approved professionals is its ability to last a very long time. They are extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks, giving you a room that keeps on looking sleek and stylish as well as requiring less maintenance over time.

Wet rooms are space-saving and easy to clean

Conventional bathroom fixtures and fitting such as shower enclosures are notorious traps for grime and dirt, making cleaning a regular and time-consuming process.
With a wet room you have a room free of clutter, often with wall-mounted WC and even floating basins, which can make keeping it clean a much easier task.

Be creative with your wet room design and aesthetics

The open plan sophistication of wet rooms can really inspire creativity, letting you create the perfect space with lighting, materials and colour.
Wall to ceiling tiling, open plan design and minimalist fixtures can all add real impact to your property, whether you are looking for simple, easy to use elegance or a more contemporary feel.

If you are thinking about installing a wet room or looking for help and advice about other bespoke adaptations, we would love to hear from you. Why not get in touch today?