Our homes are where we live; places where we spend the majority of our lives and even when life changes, we still rely on them as places of safety, comfort and security.

Those three things; safety, comfort and security are all foundations for good mental health as well as physical wellbeing as we place on ourselves and the people we care for and support.


When things change

Life does inevitably change, as we grow older, disability and ill health can mean the home we have spent many happy years in can become a place that is no longer suitable for our needs.

That is where GB Home Adaptations come in, things such as ramps, grab rails and adapted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms all have a range of obvious physical benefits, however many people overlook the overwhelmingly positive benefits they can have on mental wellbeing too, for everyone in the home.

Despite this, there are still a surprising number of people, not just in Herefordshire but all across the country, whose homes would be much easier places in which to live with even small adaptations in place, yet both the individuals and carers alike continue to struggle.

It is clear there are barriers here; at GB Home Adaptations we are working hard to help our customers and their families to overcome them.



When it comes to home adaptations, many people simply do not know where to start. If you are considering home adaptations for a loved one you need that professional help and advice to ensure you get things right, and the good news is that help is out there…

Our dedicated Home Adaptations team is an excellent resource; our website is also full of easy to understand information about things such as Occupational Therapist assessments and the funding that might be available to help with the home adaptations you need such as the Disabled Facilities Grant.


Acknowledging the problem

For many people, loss of mobility or impairment is a gradual process; this can make it very challenging to acknowledge the need for home adaptations as there is no single moment of realisation that everyday tasks are becoming harder.

It is not unusual for friends and family members to realise a problem before the individual themselves is willing to. They might leave the house less, or the garden might start to look untidy, accessing the upstairs rooms might become harder. All these things can impact mental health and place greater stress on the people who support them.


Managing and making-do

It is understandable that people who have lived together for a long time share a strong resolve to manage by themselves. Privacy is important to everyone and so is pride, especially in our later years. Homeowners may not want outsiders to know about their struggles or to interfere as they might perceive it and discretion without any sort of judgement is an important part of our service.

Home adaptations are positive; they have the potential to change lives:

  • There are funding options available for those concerned about costs
  • Adaptations can help to keep a family together under the same roof
  • There is far less risk of burning out or suffering from poor mental health
  • Adaptations can often match your homes existing style and decor and can be very discreet
  • Adaptations can improve independence, quality of life and make it so much easier to support a loved one


All these things can have a positive impact on mental health as well as physical health, if you would like to learn more about our home adaptations service in Herefordshire, get in touch.