We all make changes to our homes at one time or another but for some people those changes are a necessity resulting from disability, illness or old age. These changes, such as bathroom modifications, and daily living aids can help us live with greater independence as they are tailored to our needs.

The problem is these bespoke adaptations can often be expensive and simply unaffordable for some.

The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) aims to help these people to remain in their own homes by providing a means-tested grant to help pay for the living aids they need to make their homes accessible. The grant is available to people who own their own homes or rent privately. It can also be applied for by those living in a property owned by a housing association or registered provider.

Over the last 25 years the Disabled Facilities Grant has helped over 40,000 people every year to live more independently in homes that are more accessible, without needing to consider a move into care and spending less time in hospital.

It also helps people to live with greater dignity and to be supported more easily and safely to live life on their own terms.


The Disabled Facilities Grant can be used for a number of different adaptations and daily living aids which might include:

  • Stair lifts to enable greater safety and independence in the home
  • Showers and bathroom adaptations, including non-slip flooring and downstairs bathrooms
  • Ramps or half steps to improve access and mobility
  • Grab rails and stair rails to enable easier and safer mobility and support
  • Widening of doorways for wheelchair access


Who to contact

Finding the right information about the DFG can prove time consuming and often frustrating as there is a wealth of information out there for councils and local authorities all over England. For those living in Herefordshire, the grant is administered by the council’s ‘You at Home’ Home Improvement Agency. To make it easier for you to learn more about the grant and whether you might be eligible, we have included the details of both below:

You At Home; Home Improvement Agency 01432 260757
ART – Adult Referral Team Herefordshire Council Disabled Facilities Grant 01432 260101


The assessment process

In most cases a qualified occupational therapist will visit you in your home to make an assessment of your needs and the daily living aids you may require.

If you live in Herefordshire and are considering disability adaptations in your home, the Adult Referral Team can help make them more practical and affordable. If you are planning any kind of disability adaptations, check if you are eligible for the DFG grant.

If you are considering bathroom adaptations or other modifications to your home, get in touch with our friendly, professional team by clicking here or calling us on 01432 272188.