After many of us spend the warmer months enjoying our gardens, the autumn and winter months are traditionally a time to get them ready for the following year.

Time spent in our gardens is of course important for both mental and physical wellbeing. For some they represent an opportunity to enjoy their own small patch of nature, for others the gentle physical exercise that gardening involves helps keep them active.

However, as the seasons turn, they can easily become places where slips, trips and falls can happen.

This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Wet or icy conditions underfoot
  • High steps that are a risk to navigate in colder, darker months
  • Natural debris such as fallen autumn leaves
  • Mosses or other plants such as algae growing on paths, patios and driveways
  • Poor maintenance or wear and tear causing uneven surfaces and trip hazards
  • Changes in our circumstances such as mobility issues, health conditions or deteriorating eyesight

Thinking ahead this autumn on your Home Adaptations

To avoid the risk of slips, trips and falls during autumn and winter, it is important to make your outdoor areas as safe as possible by thinking ahead and preparing for the change in seasons sooner rather than later.

Doing so may identify a number of things; patio areas may be in need of repair, driveways that were fine just a few years ago may now require resurfacing with a safer, less hazardous surface and paths around the garden might need to be repaired, replaced or even re-routed.

To do those things well, it is important to work with a landscaping service experienced in installing, repairing and maintaining homes and gardens with specific adaptations.

The knowledge and experience we have around features such as safe hard wearing surfaces, non-slip materials and even colours and wheelchair access, will ensure gardens and outdoor areas are as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy.

If you need to substitute high steps for ramps, or install Part M Building regulation compliant grab rails and railings for your garden, then again, partnering with a company with extensive experience will ensure that any changes you make will last and look their very best.

How we can help

At GB Electrical & Building Services LTD, we are proud of the reputation we have earned undertaking all aspects of internal and external work in homes around Herefordshire and beyond.

We have an extensive Landscaping team with the specialist skill and experience to adapt and maintain gardens, driveways and patios exactly how our clients need them. Whether you need repairs or other changes to make your outdoor areas safe for autumn and winter, we can help.

If you are looking to get your garden ready for autumn and winter, get in touch with our friendly, professional team or call us on 01432 272188.