Changes to internal or external doors and adaptations such as access ramps might not seem like big changes in the home, but they can have a huge impact.

Adapting the home to maintain independence is a task that many more of us face. In doing so, it enables us to remain in the homes we have worked hard for as we grow older and our needs change.

GB Home Adaptations, a vital part of GB Electrical & Building Services, Hereford is the team dedicated to providing those adaptations to help homeowners in Hereford and the surrounding area to maintain confidence and independence within their own homes.

Here are some of the benefits of home adaptations such as ramps and adapted doorways.


Widening Doorways

In many cases, this is a job that takes a day or less to complete. However, careful planning is important if a wheelchair user or someone with poor mobility is to safely and confidently navigate their home.

Which side the door is hung from, the angle of approach and space available to turn while approaching and exiting the doorway are all important points to consider and professional help and advice can make a big difference.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can save a lot of space compared to hinged doors. They can also improve ease of access to rooms for wheelchair users by removing the need to push or pull doors open and to close them.

Sliding doors can be used for both the interior and exterior of your home. If an opening is particularly wide, then bi-parting doors might be more suitable as opposed to a single sliding door.


Low Doorway Thresholds

Door thresholds on standard composite or French doors can be as high as 70mm, causing serious trip and fall hazards and proving impossible to navigate for wheelchair users and those who rely on walking aids.

A low threshold reduces that bottom section of frame in order to make passing through the door much easier. Low threshold doors do not have a serious impact on energy efficiency and can be fitted without the need to replace the entire door itself.



The aim of ramps in the home is to provide the best possible way to get from A-B by replacing steps, narrow paths and allowing easy access to outdoor areas and vehicles as well as internal rooms such as kitchens, showers or bathrooms.

There is a wide range of different ramps that can be tailored to the unique needs of an individual. These might include up and over style threshold ramps, folding ramps, permanent ramps and modular ramps.




If you are considering home adaptations such as ramps or modifications to your internal and external doorways, it is important to be aware of all the options available to make the right choices for you and your needs.

Our Hereford home adaptations team can help you explore those options and provide you with the trusted local tradespeople to install them, get in touch today to learn more.