Kitchens are now the heart of the modern home, where once they were places to just prepare and store food, today they can be places to enjoy a morning coffee with friends, spaces to be creative and try new things and rooms in which to entertain friends and family.

Our kitchens need to combine form and function, they must, to do all the things we need them to do and look great at the same time. But as time passes and our needs change, then the kitchen is one of the first places we might find challenging to use as easily as we once did.

An adapted kitchen is the ideal solution

It is easy to overlook all the things that go on in a household kitchen, worktops, cabinetry and appliances are all situated in the most convenient places for us, the contents of drawers are all to hand when needed and the space in which we move around is safe, away from hot surfaces and potential spillages.

It is easy to take all those things for granted, but if factors such as old age, mobility problems or disability are taken into account then the kitchen can suddenly stop becoming a place we enjoy spending time in, instead becoming a place in which we might struggle.

Cupboards and worktops might be too high or too low, the routes around the kitchen no longer spacious enough to move safely and ovens, microwaves and hobs simply too dangerous to use and washing up and cleaning becomes impossible.

Fortunately there are lots of things that can be adapted in a kitchen to make life easier. 

GB Electrical & Building Services use our wide ranging experience, the best accredited tradespeople and our trusted partners AKW, the leading manufacturer of accessible kitchen solutions, to provide a complete kitchen adaptations service to homeowners.

Rise and fall technology

We supply and install ActivMotion® rise and fall units to put everything safely within reach at the touch of a button, smoothly and quietly, whether our clients require better access to sinks, cupboards and even hobs and sinks. Each one can be lowered and raised when access is needed.

Worktops are also available, in a wide range of configurations to support sinks and built-in hobs.

ActivMotion® has collision detection built in and features high quality and durable materials. Components can also be fitted to any kitchen at any time thanks to a wide range of configuration options and sizes to suit every user and every kitchen. 

Modesty panels are also available for wall mounted units to ensure they blend in with existing decor to add a sense of style as well as rediscovered functionality to your adapted kitchen space.

If you would like to learn more about our adapted kitchen service and how it helps our clients to live safer and more easily in their own homes, get in touch for a friendly chat, we’d love to help.